Pre-paid fuel cards

Fuel card benefits without the need for credit

A pre-paid fuel card allows you to enjoy the same savings and benefits as other fuel cards - without the need for credit approval.

If you’re running a new business, a lack of trading history might prevent you from accessing a sufficient line of credit, despite a strong personal credit rating. Traditionally, this would mean no access to pump savings or the valuable monitoring and reporting tools that are often part of a fuel card package.

Those companies or individuals without a credit history or who have been declined credit in the past, have also been missing out on the advantages of using a fuel card.

The introduction of pre-paid fuel cards has turned that around.

Pay as you go and stay in control.

With a pay-as-you-go card, you can benefit from competitively priced fuel as well as online tools to help you cut down on unnecessary admin.

Simply top up your fuel card account to keep your business moving, without the hassle of worrying about credit arrangements.

Pre-paid cards are secure, convenient and provide a simple way to budget and manage your expenses as you can’t spend more than you have in your account.

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